GP Designs

Welcome to My Online Art Store

GP Creates  hand crafted Comfort Quilts & Pillows  that provide  the ultimate  versatility in Comfort Care  by  integrating  therapeutic weighted textiles , texture, warmth  and uplifting  designs into  every product.

This  three piece multi-functional quilt /pillow set  Folds  into  a built in  pocket (sewn on the back of the quilt) . Lumbar pillows are placed inside pocket.

Our naturally weighted quilts with a comfy  foot pocket uses fine woven  fabrics , mixing textures, colors and patterns. Our finest brocades , silks , chenille’s, velvets and tapestries  are the foundation for our heirloom quality  large block quilts.  

​We use industrial grade machines stitching as well as fine hand sewing in the making of each products to ensure durable, high quality results.

* Naturally weighted for a stress reliving experience

* Unique gifts for families, friends, couples and  seniors. 

*Their durability makes them great for travel.

​Take your quilt  with you for the feeling of homey comfort where ever you travel.

Philly Kappa