ArtTv transforms television screens into works of Art.

Our platform assist artists and photographers to display their works across a wide network. The artists benefit from major exposure to people. places and markets. This generates interest in their renderings and hopefully increased commissions and sales.

Featured Artists

Robert S. Duncanson
Robert S. Duncanson was a 19th-century American landscapist of European and African ancestry. Inspired by famous American landscape artists like Thomas Cole, Duncanson created renowned landscape paintings and is considered a second generation Hudson River School artist. Website

Augusta Savage
Augusta Savage was an American sculptor associated with the Harlem Renaissance. She was also a teacher whose studio was important to the careers of a generation of artists who would become nationally known. She worked for equal rights for African Americans in the arts. Website

Gail Gaines
Gail Gaines is a Fashion Designer, Illustrator, and Teaching Artist. For more than 20 years Gaines has designed and fashioned couture clothing for clients in Philadelphia, New York and Washington, DC. Classically trained in tailoring and French couture dressmaking, she established Gail Gaines Couturiere, a business catering to a high-end clientele designing couture garments and travel collections for clients in Philadelphia, New York, and Washington, DC. Website Facebook

Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner was born in l944 in Chester, Pennsylvania. He was a graduate of Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. Andrew’s work has been widely acclaimed, with many solo exhibitions and participation in group exhibitions. He has taught art in grades K-1 2 in the Chester, Pennsylvania Public Schools and in correctional centers. His appointments include Artist-in-Residence and Curator, Deshong Museum, Chester, PA; Lecturer, Widener University; Lecturer, Institute of Contemporary Art and University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. Website

Screen Locations

Our ArtSticks are distributed to private homes across the country. Art Patrons display our artists images on their private tv screens at dinner parties, house warmers, birthday parties and more.

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