Vendor Product Setup

First you must register click here

After you register go to your Dashboard click Dashboard.

Then click Product. And then click Add Product on right hand side of the screen.

Next Upload a Product Cover Image. Add name of product, price, discount price (if you wish) and select category.

Add product tag if you wish. Enter a short description for your product. Click Create Product.

You will have an opportunity to edit your product information after this screen. Save Product and you are done.

The first item you post will indicate “Pending”. The admin will have to approve this posting (within 24 hours). After the first item is approve all subsequent postings will automatically post.

Remember you can always go into your dashboard and make edits or changes.

Here are some selling tips:

Take numerous high quality photos of your artwork. Complete and accurate postings with multiple quality images/photos sell best.

Determine – through good research – the fair market value and price of your art work. A realistic selling price will insure your art will sell.

Respond to all emails/correspondence asap. Timely responses translate into sales.

We encourage you to provide as much information as possible concerning your art- including artist’s bio.

Have questions email: or call 215-352-3114