The Unique Seat.


Your Total Lounging System


The Unique Seat meets your outdoor seating needs for every season. Instead of carrying chairs, a blanket and pillows to your outdoor spectator event, you can carry this interconnecting, hands-free, lightweight Unique Seat. The Unique Seat is comprised of two interconnecting versatile seats and a machine washable queen-sized blanket. The blanket has a waterproof bottom with weighted corners to prevent it from blowing in the wind. The seat backs convert into pillows. The 8lb, lightweight Unique Seat is durable and easy to use.

The detachable seats are perfect for beaches or a day at the stadium. And if it is cooler or rainy out?  The waterproof, blanket can be used for covering up.  It even comes equipped with hand warmers. The Unique Seat is great for parents taking their little ones by the hand. No more carrying all that stuff. The Unique Seat is great anywhere: at a game, the beach, park, outdoor concert, camping, fishing, boys and girls clubs, fundraisers, hiking and so much more.  Any outdoor enthusiast can benefit from this seat.

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