The Philadelphia 76ers by Chad Cortez Everett


Icons and Symbols that represent Philly, are my personal memories associated with my past.  I created the art exhibition to pay homage to theses special images. I have a powerful connection to each image; as a result, I created a lasting memory. Dr. Seuss stated, “Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” As an adult, I realized my memories are precious. In the past twenty years, I took my memories for granted while living in Philadelphia. I remember the sights and vibrant sounds of the downtown created a lasting impression in my life. This art exhibition extends my appreciation for my memories and how they shape my life.

My memories of living in Philadelphia are based on these images. I watched Julius Erving and the 76ers win their first NBA Championship. At Tilden Middle School, I touched the Liberty Bell at Independence Mall; before, they had the tight security.  I watched The Legendary Roots perform at Temple University; before, watching them at the Wawa festival. I associate my memories with each collage. As a result, I created a visual timeline of my life. Our memories are the gateways to our souls. In conclusion, we should cherish and share our memories. 

Size Chart

11 x14 Matted Print