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Upcoming Classes Spring 2019


March 30, 2019

Soul line dancing

Authors’ roundtable

Cultural head wrapping


Relaxation session



March 31, 2019

An evening of Karaoke  & Spoken Word

Tribute to R&B Legends and Precise Science






April 2nd-30th

(Every Tuesday)


RaggaSweat Fitness Class (women 18+)

7:00-7:45 PM

Sakinah Ali-Sabree

$15.00 per class or

$49.99 – 5-week series

April 4th – May 30

(Every Thursday)

 Soulful Meditation Reawakening Course

(9 weeks) 6:30-8:30 PM

MaMa Akosua Ali-Sabree

$450.00 upon enrollment

Or 3x$150.00 before the 4th week


April 6th & 20th

Little Sister Let’s Talk Orientation (2pm-4pm)

Mama Dee



April 8th – May 13th (Every Monday)

Five Secrets the Debt Collectors Don’t Want You to Know: How to Make Your Credit Report Clean as a Whistle– 6:30-7:30 PM

Al Haji Salim Amir Ali-Ibn El



$25.00 per class or $800.00 for the complete series fee includes Five Secrets book

April 12th & 19th

(Friday nites)

Tea and Tui Na Bodywork~

Relaxation Happy Hour


Mama Dee

$1.00 per minute / a minimum of 15 minutes longer sessions require an appointment- Relaxation session- Love donation

April 13th

Fashion Pop Up & Black Family Film Discussion





April 18th

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

MaMa Akosua Ali-Sabree


Introductory session-FREE

April 18th, May 16th, June 20th

Crystals for Health & Wealth

6:00-9:00 PM


Ras Ben

$40. Per session or $100.00 for all three

April 24th (every 4th Wednesday)

Dark Towers: Books & Things Book Club



Otu Kwaku

Free with KFII membership





April 26th

April 27th



Netfah’s Fundamentals of Raw Clothing Construction

Netfah’s Fundamentals of Raw Clothing Construction

Netfah Amina~Afia

Netfah Amina~Afia

Friday (6-8pm) 5 weeks-$100.00


8-Hour Intensive: Saturdays 10am-6pm – $75.00



April 27th

Chess Club Orientation



May 2nd & 16th, June 6th & 20th

Evening with Darlaina Rose- Wellness & More

Darlaina Rose



$20 per session

May1, 8,15, 22, 29, June 5

Essential Herbology for Better Living with

El HaGahn, Master herbalist


El HaGahn

Six weeks -3 hours


May 4th

Women’s Self Defense Class

Obadiah Mshindi


Three hours- $75.00

May 4th & May 18

“Brick by Brick” Garveyism and African Centered Education* 11AM-12:30 PM

Khabyr Hadas

Six weeks

May 4th


Transformative strategies for women

S. Support

T. Trust

A. Active Accountability

R. Response

E. Embrace


Kim Rollins

4-hour intensive workshop

$99.00 per person with early bird registration and $149.00 after April 14th.


May 7, 14, 21, 28

Parenting Skills 6:00 -7:00 PM


Deborah Kelly


$45.00 for the series the fee includes the Turnaround Book

May 11th

Melanin Goddess Pamper Pop Up~ Henna, Head Wrapping, Massage, Nails, Relaxation, Yoga, & Shopping






May 17, 18, 19

Natural Birth Natural Body Conference

Sister Aishia Muhammad




Little Sisters “Let’s Talk Gatherings”

Mama Dee




Liberated Mindz Youth Reading Club

Tamika Coleman



May 31

Educator’s Healing Circle 6:30- 9:00 PM

MaMa Akosua Ali-Sabree & Mama Dee



KFII Course Descriptions

RaggaSweat Fitness is a high energy, upbeat fitness class to the tune of your favorite Caribbean music. Everyone leaves with a fun new routine all while burning hundreds of calories and getting in tip top shape!

 Parenting Skills: Utilizing Deborah Kelly’s parenting book which contains twenty-six lifestyle tips for parents to use in the home with their child to make them smarter, learning-ready, and nonviolent; this series will include how to increase your child’s intelligence, effective discipline techniques, preparing nutritious food, preparing for financial literacy, and more. Deborah Kelly’s parenting series will provide information and knowledge to give parents/caregivers the tools to make better decisions and judgments regarding their children’s well-being and progress. It is more important to teach processes, techniques, and strategies which enable parents/caregivers to make effective decisions and judgments themselves for long-range purposes as opposed to providing only correct answers. “Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.”

S.T.A.R.E.: This series/ workbook was designed for Entrepreneurs, especially Women and Single Moms, with the intention of creating and recognizing transformative strategies in your personal and professional ventures. The class offered will explore the necessary support needed for various transformations in everyday life.  S.T.A.R.E. is offered as a full day workshop or five-part series that addresses a niche that is rarely dissected when it comes to potential entrepreneurial future.  Also, the workshop has been modified to identify needs in regard to various life transformations. There is a workbook offered for purchase and or can be facilitated as a power point presentation.

Crystals for health and wealth with Ras Ben is a three-part workshop series designed to ground participants in the basics for using sacred stones for self-care, stress management and generating prosperity. Workshop participants in the basics for using sacred stones for self -are, stress management, and generating prosperity. It will be hands-on, experiential as well as informative. Inexpensive starter crystals will be available. Lastly, they will craft their own crystal wirewrap pendant, learning the foundation of a prosperity generating craft.

Session One: Crystals and EMF Protection   Session Two: Crystals for self-care/Stress Management      Session Three: Crystal Wirewrap Basics

Essential Herbology for Better Living with El HaGahn, Master herbalist

Come learn some of the most wondrous secrets in nature like:
What kind of herbs can be used to get rid of a cold                                     Strategies for internal cleansing
Power plants to alleviate headaches                                                              Using herbs externally for skincare
Herbs for better concentration and comprehension                                       Herbs for dietary support
What kind of herbs can help you increase energy                                         Herbal approach to safe and effective weight loss

Attending this exciting class can be a life changing experience. It follows a simple and easy to understand System following the pathways of our sacred ancestral wisdom combined with modern scientific knowledge to help you form a balanced and practical set of ideas that will help you in your daily life. Plus, it will add to your wellness skill sets that support the quality of life for yourself and your loved ones.


Evening with Darlaina Rose-Well-being & More: These discussions about Alternative Holistic Medicine CBD vs Medical Marijuana, Self-Awareness, Mindfulness, Life Building w/vision board component, What the Heck can I really eat, Juicing vs Smoothies which one is for me? Emotions are they making you sick? Women’s empowerment are informative for everyday life. Participants will walk away with practical skills they can use right away. The presentations on down to earth and fun!!


Five Secrets the Debt Collectors Don’t Want You to Know: How to Make Your Credit Report Clean as a Whistle

Salim Ali presents information that will help participants become more informed about credit, finances and life.


“Brick by Brick” a six-week class taught by author Khabyr Hadas is a fundamental guide to tearing down the wall of racial inferiority amongst Black youth, through Garveyism and African-centered education. Addition to the information taught by author and UNIA District Commissioner Khabyr Hadas, Baba Joe Ragsdale, the founder and curator of the Lest We Forget Slave Museum will also present artifacts and hidden information about the enslavement of black people in this country.

  Students should take this course to help them restore themselves to their traditional greatness. Students should take this course based upon these simple realities.

1-Levels of self-hate, incompetence, dis-unity, weakness, self-pity, worthlessness and lack of ambition.

2-No memory of our past. Students have no memory of African history before slavery.

3-No sense of racial identity, a deliberate dis-connect to Mother Africa, compassion, self-respect, respect for elders, cultural continuity, economic cooperation and preparation for the future.

4-False sense of reality and are completely un-aware that a war has been declared upon them and their people.






Netfah’s Fundamentals of Raw Clothing Construction workshop offers thought provoking, hands-on learning experiences for ages 11+ designed to teach not only the premise behind basic raw clothing construction techniques, but an introduction to the concept of wholistic dress as well, all without the need of a sewing machine! From concept to completion, students will learn the basic knowledge and skills required to create and re-create apparel and accessories for a lifetime from a wholistic, eco-friendly, and uniquely creative perspective. At the end of the workshop students will be equipped with enough knowledge, insight and information to become eco-fashion stewards and self-sufficient producers. They will also have the opportunity to celebrate one another’s individual creations during a ‘Best Of’ peer-based Awards ceremony.

·         Basic materials provided. Donated textiles requested.

·         With eco-fashion, sustainability and entrepreneurship part of a growing conversation among many forward-thinking collectives, empowering and encouraging individuals through our FRCC workshop is one of the most creative ways to cultivate the mindset of individual and socio-economic self-sufficiency needed for a lifetime. As such, here are 3 main reasons why students would benefit from taking this course…

·         1. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of how to construct functional and fashionable attire and accessories through the manipulation and construction of various fabrics and materials using NON-INVASIVE techniques. That’s right…NO SEWING MACHINES REQUIRED.

·         2. Students will learn the basic concept behind wholistic (holistic) dress, its purpose, connection to us respectively and individually, and how to apply it in our personal life.

·         3. Students will play an active part in saving our planet thru the education and application of recycling, reconstruction and re-use.


Soulful Meditation Reawakening Course -9 weeks of live, intensive yet relaxing Soulful Meditation Reawakening course the transformative energy generated will help participants to learn the power of crystal meditation, practice mindfulness, ignite their reticular activating system (RAS), better manage their reaction to stress, appreciate stillness, and rediscover that protected quiet place for healing and balance

*9 weeks of live interactive instruction which includes an all-day retreat

Although the hustle and bustle of society, stress related illnesses, political corruption, war and rumors of war, violence, attacks on our children,

bio-chemical experiments flood the headlines, you have divine free will and can choose to live in the cycle of stressful triggers, of confusion, anxiety, and fear, or you can choose to break the cycle and develop /use inner tools of peace and awakening. 

There are many reasons why our Soulful Meditation Reawakening Course is a wise decision for not only yourself but also for your loved ones. Some of those reasons include

cultivating compassion           improving communication                  cherishing the breath                           releasing hidden emotions


 The best reason is that you deserve to be happy, healthy and whole. The Soulful Meditation Reawakening course is just one tool to help you achieve a peaceful awareness and increase your own serenity. 


Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program (9 sessions to a Nu You): 4 individualized hypnosis sessions – Reclaiming Your Power – 

              Making a stronger SpiritMindBody™ connection and two CDs for home use and re-enforcement

·         2 sessions – detoxification/ nutritional coaching/transformational counselling         3 sessions – massage/ reflexology/colon hydrotherapy

 10 months of follow-up group sessions and/or private individual sessions are available. 

Optional support: When you are ready to release those excess pounds and fat that have been around for much too long, we are/I am here to help you 

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