SOLD – “His Peace” by Chet Highsmith

Original Acrylic on Canvas




My name is Chet Highsmith, local Philadelphia artist. As a child I had aspirations of being an artist. I’ve studied in some of Philly’s finest art programs such as, The Academy of Fine Arts, CCP, and it all started at Overbrook High School. For 20 years I did nothing, just doodle here doodle there . After being told by many I’m wasting my talent I decided to pick up my brushes and haven’t been able to put them down since. Fortunately and unfortunately I had a serious accident which left me afraid that I would never paint again. While changing brakes on my car the jack slipped and my car fell on me crushing my hand and wrist. I was left unclear of my future in the world of art. However, I knew that my talent was God given and I was determined to paint again. I have to!! Since then I’ve painted several pieces with meaning such as “We Love Him” and “Kat Nap”. With my work I try to convey a message of love, music, and beauty through many different styles and mediums such as acrylic, oil, coffee, charcoal,etc. In 2015 I was blessed with the opportunity to start my own paint party company. In four short years “Paint-In With Chet” has well over 2000 customers with their very own masterpieces proudly hanging on their walls. I also want to show children and the world that its okay to express yourself through art!