A Resting Place II by April Harrison


A Resting Place II by April Harrison
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Size: Paper: 30″ x 24″ Approx
Image: 24″ x 20″ Approx

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When you enter my creative world, I want you to FEEL something . A tug at the old heart strings. Perhaps a distant memory you stored away. A love lost, or a love found, A touch of the spirit. SOMETHING. While on your visit please take notice of the elongated extremities which are exaggerated and point to a special emphasis of the hands, denoting the importance and power of the human touch. Arms that extend and envelope to welcome you in, a friendly reminder that you are loved. Perhaps the texture of the pieces pulled you in and caught your eye? Through the piecing of collage, I create texture and pattern. I’ve always admired the interweaving found in the wonderful quilts of my grandmothers. Their homemade quilts evoke a feeling of comfort, love, caring and family. What they achieved with a needle and thread, I try to achieve with collage and mixed media. I believe our stories are still being told, retold and entwined through the piecing together of torn papers, found objects, paint palette and love.

I have often been questioned about my artistic process. I begin each piece of work as an abstract type painting. I literally just have fun with acrylic paint or any water medium. From there they develop into figurative images, then comes the collage. For me, it’s a spiritual journey, it’s where I commune with the spirit and from that visit, my art unfolds. Perhaps it could be compared to discovering hidden figures or objects within the clouds. My life’s work has a theme. If you look close you will notice that quite a few of my images appear to have closed eyes. This is purposely created and based on 2 Corinthians 5:7 “ For we walk by faith, not by sight”. “With Eyes Closed “we are required to call upon a deeper sense than the sometimes unbelieving and bias observations of the eyes… We are required to FEEL love.

Thanking you in advance for allowing me to share my story of Love, Faith and Hope .

Enjoy your visit and Be Blessed.


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