Want to earn some money for your school or organization.
Host an online fundraiser here at

You will earn 15% on all sales from your group.

Here is how it works:

Setup a store by becoming a vendor on It’s easy, fast and free to do. Click this link and click Vendor.  Click here

After you setup your store as a vendor with photos and contact information email and indicate which products from this site you wish to load in your store. We will load your store with these and some other products and you are ready to make money as a fundraiser. Remember you can also upload items of your own that you wish to sell in your store. You earn 15% of all sales from our products and 85% of all sales from your products.

We suggest you create an electronic flyer that you can use to promote your fundraiser store. Send this electronic flyer to friends, family, associates etc. to get the word out. Don’t forget to use facebook and twitter to help promote your fundraiser.

Remember the more people that come and shop, the more money you’ll earn.

Let’s get started. Call 215-352-3114 or email  TODAY!