Chad Cortez Everett

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The Artist’s Statement

What is gratitude? The definition of gratitude is to be thankful or appreciative. I am grateful to communicate my memories through my artwork. It was a hard process, but I had to be honest with myself and my audience. As a result, I created a body of work showing gratitude towards my memories. I learned to be grateful for the unique memories of my life; as a result, these experiences shaped my success. I slowed downed and reflected on my life; hence, I revisited my childhood memories and adult memories to develop subject for my collage. 

I unboxed my memories and addressed certain sensitive issues in life. In the past, I did not want to address the memories; because I was ashamed to tell people my stories. I thought people did not want to hear stories about a kid living in housing projects in Philadelphia. I shared my wild stories with my close friends and family; as a result, they encourage me to share my stories with the world. They felt the stories were funny, unique and relatable and made the artwork stronger. 

As an experiment, I used social media to test my new platform. I tested my new artwork and written narrative. I posted new images and added stories to the descriptions. I received many positive comments from friends, family and strangers on social media. People were engaged with the images and descriptions. I feared people would look at me differently, but they felt nostalgia about their past. The social media test helped me realized we all have unique stories to tell and we should not be afraid to share our memories. We need to embrace our stories and share them with world despite our insecurities.


The Artist’s Bio

Chad is a professional artist and an art educator. He worked with different art institutions in Delaware and Pennsylvania; as a result, Chad exhibited in galleries, craft fairs, and artistic events. Chad has a strong present in the art world, as a result, He is a highly awarded artist. He took part in national and local juried exhibitions throughout the local and regional area. Chad won The Regional Art Exhibition at the Center for Creative Arts in Delaware in 2010 for his narrative style of painting. In 2011, The African American Coalition of Reading, PA named him The Artist of the Year for his contributions to the art community.  He got second place in 2019 Delaware State Employees Art Exhibition for his collage work. In addition, Chad took part in a nationwide exhibition, Guardian of the Makerspace, at The Delaware Contemporary in 2018.  

He attended The Art Magnet Program at Overbrook High School, and he studied Fine Arts from 1989 until 1992. In the summer of 1990, Chad attended Pennsylvania Governor’s School of Excellence, Visual and Performing Arts for acquiring an outstanding art portfolio. He went to Temple University, Tyler School of Architecture, got a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Painting and certification in Arts Education certification in 1997.  In 1999, Chad gained a Master Degree in Fine Arts from Maryland Institute, College of Art (MICA). He attended The Hoffberger School of Painting and painted hip hop club scenes in the City of Baltimore. Chad worked with Grace Hartigan. Grace helped Chad on how to become an accomplished painter. In 2007 to 2011, Chad studied at Dupree Studio with James Dupree. James showed Chad how to master oil painting techniques.

Chad Cortez Everett lives in Landenberg, PA.  He teaches art and mentors students at McCullough Middle School. Chad worked at The Colonial School District for nineteen years teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. They chose him for Teacher of the Year 2008 for recognition of his exceptional commitment to school and service. Chad continues to create and exhibit in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

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