October Gallery is Celebrating 32 Years in the African American Art Industry and has operated a physical art gallery in Philadelphia, PA since 1985. We our one of the oldest African American art galleries in the nation. We have been connecting people with art for 32 years. We deliver magic and romance to the art experience. October Gallery believes that art is for everyone. We like to compare ourselves to the Marriott Hotel chain. The Marriott is neither the Ritz Carlton nor Motel 6. It is a mid-range hotel. The company’s Web site states that the hotel offers packages of “fun filled days and wild nights that will fit any family’s budget without breaking the bank.” At the Marriott one can get an expensive or an inexpensive room depending on availability. October Gallery’s marketing philosophy is similar to that of the Marriott. We offer an art experience that will fit anyone’s budget, that does not have to break the bank. October Gallery’s average sale is between $400 and $800. The Gallery’s prices range from $25 to $25,000.

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